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Turnkey services - worthwhile for all the parties involved

Our professional infusion and injection services are available in a patient's home, as well as in our offices located all across the Province of Quebec, as well as in certain medical clinics.


A professional service, from A to Z

Our experienced nurses are not limited to only administering medication: they can take charge of patients notably by teaching them and ensuring follow-ups in accordance with generally accepted standards. Patients can thus have a resource person to whom they can refer at all times: this can be very reassuring.


Overview of the process:

  • Upon receiving a patient's contact information, which you send to us, we will contact them and schedule an appointment with them for whenever it suits them best.
  • We will acquire the medication and administer it to the patient.
  • We will do follow-ups with the patient, as well.


Post-infusion or post-injection report:

We will send you a report containing the following elements:

  • Confirmation of our visit with the patient and the administration of the medication;
  • A report of our session with them.


In the event of any negative consequences:

  • Our nurses are trained to apply the relevant protocols.
  • Where applicable, a distinct report will be transmitted on this matter.


Medications administered:



Clinical studies to be conducted?

Careplus can put at your disposal competent and properly trained research nurses, who are able to intervene in various types of clinical trials. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your medications are the key to the well-being of many patients, and sometimes, even synonymous with their survival. These people do not always know where to turn for the administration of their prescription medication. Along with their physician, you now have another solution to propose to them: the Careplus infusion and injection service, provided by experienced nurses, and this, all across the Province of Québec.


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