Home care

The Live at Home program:

adapted to your reality and to your life

Live at Home offers a multitude of services designed to meet the diverse needs of people who wish to continue living at home, but who require some assistance to do so.


Overview of the services offered

  • Basic care and hygiene : Help with personal hygiene, assistance with meal preparation, help when going to bed and getting up in the morning, companionship, light domestic housekeeping work, companionship when going out and about, stimulation and motivation, etc.
  • Nursing care : Injections, infusions, taking blood samples, flu shots, changing bandages, care for lesions, monitoring chronic diseases, palliative care, foot care, screening for diabetes and cholesterol, measuring a person's blood pressure, etc.
  • Psychosocial services : Psychologists, social workers, short-term therapy, stress, anxiety and depression management, help for various addictions, zootherapy, homologation of an incapacity mandate, protective supervision, etc.
  • House Rehabilitation and adaptation services : Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc.
  • 24-hour surveillance and monitoring service : Remote monitoring of a person's vital signs, warning system for emergency situations.
  • Services for family caregivers : Custodial housekeeping, rest, training (medication, nutrition, home safety, etc.).


Assistance on an ad hoc basis or 24/7 comprehensive care

  • Services are available on an “ad hoc basis”, in accordance with your specific needs.
  • Services are also offered as a “fixed price package” adapted to your particular situation.


Needs assessment – health and psychosocial elements

  • Our professionals are trained to assess people's needs in many areas: daily living and domestic routines, mobility, communication, mental alertness, etc.
  • This assessment is done in the home and, where applicable, can be based upon assessments already made by a CLSC, in co-operation with the latter.
  • Thereafter, we are better positioned to offer the kind of home care services that truly correspond to the needs of the individual and their next of kin.


An experienced team

  • To ensure the professionalism of the services we provide, we require all our specialists to be members in good standing of their respective professional corporation.
  • To guarantee that our approach corresponds to the highest quality standards, we are certified ISO 9001.
  • In order to maintain the high level of expertise of our employees, we provide them with a comprehensive training program that is brought up to date annually, and is elaborated based upon the professional needs of each job classification and that includes up-to-date training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • To ensure the integrity of all our employees, we have background checks done on their previous professional experience and on whether they have a criminal record.
  • To ensure safety, our orderlies have all taken the course: “Principe déplacement sécuritaire bénéficiaire (PDSB) (Patient safe movement principle)”.
  • To ensure the quality of our services, we select the best possible candidates, we regularly evaluate their performance, and we offer them continuing education, as well as the best working conditions.


Services that are reimbursed by insurers and the government

  • Most private insurers cover nursing care, home care and psychosocial services. In addition, it may be possible to use these disbursements as a tax deduction. Government programs offer income tax credits.
  • Financing and subvention : information is available on government website.


Revenu Québec
Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for seniors

Revenu Québec
Tax Credit for Caregivers

Canada Revenue Agency
Caregiver amount

Your home is your point of reference, your save haven. This is where you delight in your habits, relish in your memories, and your next of kin are happy to find you there. But over time, you may feel less and less secure and safe: health problems require follow-ups, you might experience difficulty moving about and doing your daily chores, as well as feeling a bit anxious due to your seclusion. Fortunately, Careplus
can offer you a Live at Home program, which can provide you with a complete range of services that will enable you to live longer in your home, happy, safe and sound.