Careplus | Playing a role at every stage in a person's life

Careplus is a company that provides private health care and psychosocial services.


More than just being a healthcare employment agency for nurses, nursing assistants, care aides and occupational therapists (OT), Careplus operates travel immunization clinics, does in-business influenza vaccination, takes blood samples, infusions and DNA tests. More, Careplus supports the elderly in maintaining them at home.



Careplus meets all your needs in psychosocial services. Firstly, our team of psychoeducators, psychologists and speech therapists (SLP) will bring support to children in need (delayed speech or mental development, behavior difficulties) through evaluations, intervention plans and follow-ups with the use of our own educational material ('Loulou et Panpan' and 'Voltige'). More, our social workers can support you in your Mandate in case of incapacity process and with brief therapies related to emotional difficulties, stress, anxiety, burnout and other similar problems.

Careplus plays a role at every stage in a person's life.

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Vaccination services

Seasonal vaccination campaigns on the job or for individuals. Effective measures to prevent influenza. Travel vaccinations are also available.

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Placement of professionals

Hiring and placement of health care and education professionals for short or long-term replacements.

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Living at home

A wide range of professional services to help senior citizens live longer at home, happy, safe and sound.

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Loulou and Panpan

A comprehensive pedagogical toolkit to boost the language skills of pre school and school age children.

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LIVE AT HOME PROGRAM: Careplus launches a new in-home private health care service

Oct. 17, 2011

Today, Careplus is launching an in-home private health care program. These services are intended for senior citizens who wish to continue living at home, but who may require some assistance to do so, as well as individuals who may experience certain ad hoc or transient needs, for example, after undergoing surgery.

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AN IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE: Careplus bats 1000, when responding to calls for tenders

Oct. 15, 2011

Careplus stands out from the crowd when it comes to calls for tenders issued by Health Care and Social Services Centres (CSSS). In fact, to date, the company has qualified for all the calls for tenders to which it has responded and the ensuing contracts have been granted to it.

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Psychosocial services

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