Psychosocial professionals placement

Competent, all across the Province of Quebec

Our team counts more than 600 professionals who are available all across the Province of Quebec. Our employees carry out short or long-term replacements, in both public and private schools, CRDIs and CSSSs. They can assess and take action with children and adolescents who may be experiencing learning difficulties, as well as adults of any age who may have particular needs.


Professionals available:

  • Health and social services assistants
  • Educators
  • Special needs teachers
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Resource teachers
  • Speech therapists
  • Psychoeducators
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers


Impeccable service, at competitive rates

  • To respond to your personnel needs at all times: we offer you fast and courteous service.
  • To ensure the adaptation of our personnel to your team: we will defray any orientation expenses.
  • To maintain the high level of expertise of our employees: we provide them with a comprehensive training program that is brought up to date annually.
  • To guarantee that our approach corresponds to the highest quality standards, we are certified ISO 9001.


And in spite of everything, our rates are most competitive.

The best possible candidates

Our ISO 9001 certification compels us to continually adhere to extensive control and monitoring processes with regard to quality, which includes monitoring the skills and performance of our employees.

Accordingly, in order to offer you the best there is:

  • We only recruit the best possible candidates.
  • All the services are delivered in compliance with the employee's professional corporation.
  • The services provided by the employees who do not belong to a professional corporation are carried out by competent people, and the methods are stipulated in their work handbooks.
  • The services provided initially to the customer are evaluated immediately.
  • Each employee is submitted to periodic controls that verify numerous aspects of their work (skills, punctuality, quality of the work done, autonomy, confidentiality, etc.).



As required by law, our professionals' status is that of an employee of Careplus and they are thus not considered to be self-employed. They are covered by a professional liability insurance policy, and are insured in the event that they fall victim to a work accident. Their job performance is evaluated regularly. In addition, their fringe benefits plan is fully paid for by Careplus.

For health care system managers, replacing employees on vacation, on maternity leave, or absent for other reasons, and responding to work overloads all too often requires complex logistical gymnastics. Dealing with the foregoing is nonetheless essential for ensuring the continuity of care and maintaining the quality of services provided. This is where we excel. Careplus will ease your workload and that of your personnel by providing you with the services of qualified health care professionals, who will be respectful of your patients.