Ergotherapy allows people to better organize and get throught activities that are deemed important.

  • To take care of oneself and others
  • To achieve personal, academic and professional goals
  • To be entertained, with spare-time activities, for instance
  • To nurture abilities, notably by playing games

Activity is at the heart of ergotherapy. It is the object of expert assessment and main therapeutic method.

Goals of Ergotherapy

  • Promote self-reliance
  • Allow people to have a satisfying quality of life
  • Facilitate the maintenance and integration in community

Clients of Ergotherapy

  • Every age
  • Group, kindergartens and schools

How does an ergotherapist work?

The ergotherapist evaluates:

  • The impacts of health and mental problems on the bodily functions
  • The positive or negative effects of the physical and human environnements on the completion of an activity.
  • Autonomy levels for the completion of an activity.

Before adressing a strategy of the key treatment or intervention, the ergotherapist analyses the interaction of every possible factors, for the method will be oriented both in regards to the individual and the environment causes. 


The ergotherapist then optimises the individual's participation to the planned activities. To do so, the ergotherapist :

  • establishes a therapeutic relationship with the client based on collaboration and partner ship.
  • Uses every possi

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