Chronic disease management

Professional nursing follow-ups, all across the Province of Quebec

Our veteran nurses are experienced in dealing with chronic disease: they are used to dealing with such situations in CLSCs. Monitoring patients, compliance with the treatment plan, teaching and prevention are just some of the many tools in their arsenal.



  • Monitoring a person's glucose levels
  • Adjustment of the insulin dose in collaboration with the physician or pharmacist
  • Monitoring foot care
  • Nutrition assistance and advice


Anticoagulant therapy

  • Adjustments to the medication, in consultation with the pharmacist
  • Monitoring blood work (RNI)
  • Diet advice (food to avoid or eat in moderation)
  • Prevention: to avoid the risk of bleeding


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • Monitoring diet and sleep
  • Taking a patient's vital signs
  • Verification of the patient's technique with their pump and teaching, if necessary
  • Follow up of any side effects from the medication
  • Verification of the technique used with oxygen, where applicable


Palliative care

  • Assistance with patients who wish to spend their final moments at home, with their next of kin
  • Comfort care and pain relief


You wish to set up a chronic disease management program?

Careplus has teamed up with some pharmaceutical companies to provide them with highly qualified nurses who are trained to manage a wide assortment of chronic diseases and to take charge of the patient at every level.

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