Travel health

Travel vaccination : The best thing to do for travelling safely. 

Whether it is for a personal or business trip. Preventive vaccination is essential and recommanded by Public Health officials in many countries. Just as for the seasonal flu shot, our travel health nurses  can give you advice, vaccines and necessary products, ensuring you will have a pleasant stay, in accordance to public safety standards. If required, nurses can perform vaccination in your home.

CarePlus is working in partnership with Voyages Norsud ( for vaccination.

 Travellers’ vaccination

  • Dukoral (traveller's diarrhea),
  • Twinrix (hepatitis A and B)
  • Havrix (hepatitis A),
  • Engerix (hepatitis B),
  • Typhim (typhoid fever)
  • Yellow fever, Beloeil by appointement - call 514-779-2886
  • Vivaxim (Hepatitis A and typhoid fever)
  • Other specialized immunizations (Rage, Japanese encephalitis, etc.)
  • Regular Schedule (Quebec immunization program)
  • Vaccines covered by the Public Health Plan are free of charge. 

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