Psychology for children

Evaluation and counselling

Our professionals are listening closely to you

In times of mourning or separation, anxiety, depression, stress or any other type of personal or behavioural difficulties that may impair your daily activities and quality of life, you may be in need for some help. The first step is to acknowledge it. The second step is consulting. 

CarePlus puts a team of professional graduates at your disposal; whether it be in psychology, neuropsychology, social work and sexology, they are not only competent, but caring and respectful.


…And help you to find solutions

The humane approach of our therapists is solutions-oriented. To achieve the best results, different paths can be considered. :

  • Evaluation (Diagnosis)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family and couple Therapy
  • Parental Coaching

Furthermore, psychological assessments for children

Overview of possible situations needing an assessment.

  • Difficulties in school
  • Developmental difficulties
  • Troubles with behaviour
  • These services include : meetings with the child and parents, test administration, interpretation of results and drawing conclusions, recommendations, handing over of the evaluation report.

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