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The Living at Home program : ajusted to your reality

The Living at Home program offers a wide range of services to fulfill the variety of needs of people wanting to keep living at home, but need some help to do so.

Care Assistant

Overview of offered services

  • Home care assistance and hygiene: personal hygiene care, help with meal preparation, etc. help for getting up in the morning and for bedtime, assistance for transportation, stimulation and motivation, etc. 
  • Nursing care: Injections, perfusion, blood sampling, anti-flu vaccination, dressing changes, wound care, monitoring of chronic illnesses, palliative care, foot care, diabetes and cholesterol detection, blood pressure measurements, etc.
  • Psychosocial services: psychologist, social worker, brief therapy, stress, anxiety and depression management, help with addictions, zootherapy, homologation of mandate in case of inability, protective supervision, etc.
  • Rehabiliation and home adaptation service: ergotherapy, physiotherapy, etc.
  • 24-hour home surveillance service: vital signs monitoring, warning system for emergency situations.
  • Caregiver services : childcare, time off, training (medication, nutrition, home safety, etc.).


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