Loulou and Panpan

Loulou et Panpan

Loulou and Panpan language stimulation program

Discover a language stimulation program based upon a multisensory approach that fosters development of language, cognitive and emotional skills.

With the Loulou and Panpan leaflets, grab the attention and interest of little children, while still helping them to develop their communications skills. A pedagogical guide, a learning workbook, activity workbooks and puppets will enrich the experience of young children and help parents, educators and teachers to develop all dimensions of a child's communication skills.

Download the kit (in French only)

Who is the Loulou and Panpan program intended for?

  • Early childhood (reading and stimulation workshops)
  • Nursery school and Grade one (learning to read and write)
  • Children with oral communication disorders (dysphasia, dyspraxia)
  • Children with learning and behavioural difficulties
  • Children with intellectual impairments or multiple disabilities

Five captivating stories for your children!

  • Loulou et Panpan au marché : A story about a child's daily routines, with a slight touch of scariness and a bit of humour. Helps enrich a child's vocabulary and deals with concepts about food.
  • Loulou et Panpan en voyage : An adventure story that enables children to escape to countries where the climate is hot.
  • Loulou et Panpan célèbrent leur anniversaire : A story about friendship and group games. Characters invited to the party: a clown and a magician.
  • Loulou et Panpan au chalet de Pachat : Fishing adv

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