International aid

Mutual assistance and training in Africa

In 2005, Careplus set up a mutual assistance project in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This nonprofit project is a natural outgrowth of the company's mission, which involves treating each of its clients with respect and dignity, just like a member of one's own family.

Goals of the project

  • Provide health and social services practitioners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and more particularly in the capital city, Kinshasa, with proper training and appropriate teaching materials.
  • Provide Careplus professionals with an enriching experience in a developing country.

formation Servirplus Congo


  • Institut supérieur en soins infirmiers (ISSI) nursing students
  • ISSI teachers
  • Everyone who will ultimately receive quality care after the training is completed


  • Various training courses given by Quebec professionals
  • Teaching materials from Quebec and provided to the ISSI


  • The ISSI in Kinshasa
  • The Monkole Medical Centre in Kinshasa
  • LINCCO (

Careplus Mutual Assistance Fund

In order to expand upon the training provided to the foregoing practitioners, the Fonds d’entraide Careplus (Careplus Mutual Assistance Fund) was created. All the money that is collected by this fund is matched by either financial or m