Workplace flu vaccination

Monday June 5, 2017

Workplace flu vaccination

Workplace flu clinics, why start planning in June?

For over 15 years, Servirplus/Careplus has developed quite an expertise in the field.   With a team of over 350 nurses, covering the whole territory, Careplus is able to deliver exceptional service.

Turn-key service, in all your site locations!

The coordination of a multi-site activity is not easy for well-meaning employers.   With Careplus, you can sleep soundly.   With our easy « per vaccine » price structure and our well-developed home care nurse network, in every region, Careplus can provide a single price point for all your locations.

This complex coordination is intensified with the combined coordination of your sites, compounded by our other 17,000 participants annually.

In addition to the management of inventories of vaccines and the ongoing training of our nurses, Careplus activates this process early to reserve your orders and especially your desired dates for the activity.  If your environment requires early reservations of boardrooms and offices for the vaccination, you will understand the importance of signaling your interest early for a seasonal workplace flu clinic.

Is it your first experience with flu vaccination?  No worries, our experienced team will guide you with the best practices.

For more information on workplace flu clinics, please dial 1-800-264-1888 or fill out our contact form


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