Orthophony/Speech Therapy

Performing orthophonic evaluations needed to track/delimit infantile voice and language delays/difficulties (oral and written), speech and oropharyngeal disorders 

  • Language delay/difficulties:  Focus on troubles with oral comprenhension and expression (phonology, morphosyntax, content, usage), written comprehension
  • Speech disorders: articulation, stuttering, craniofacial deformities, etc.
  • Oropharyngeal disorders: swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)


  • Meetings with the parents, information gathering on the child's development and on the issue itself.
  • Meetings with the child, formal testing and activities
  • Drafting of an orthophonic evaluation report
  • Elaboration of an intervention plan adapted to the child
    • This intervention plan may be implemented during an eventual orthophony follow up or by other specialists (language re-educators, ortho-pedagogists,etc.)
  • Meeting with the parents : explanation of results and of outcome, of recommendations and of intervention plan. Relevant documents about language stimulation can be handed out to the parents, as well as information on different strategies that can be used to optimize communication with the child.


  • Application of treatment plan in orthophony sessions adapted to the child's needs.
  • Interventions for individuals or groups.
  • Teaching of key strategies and ways to improve communication


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