Assessments of educational quality in childcare establishements


Following a public tender process, it is once again the company Servirplus who has been awarded the contract and will be touring Quebec from spring 2023.

Since December 8, 2017, the legislation regarding educational childcare services makes it mandatory for all providers of SGEE to participate in a measure of evaluation and improvement of educational quality. With this measure, the Ministère wishes to ensure that children receive quality services promoting their overall development and educational success.

The Ministère is gradually implementing the measure within the SGEE network. Thus, in a first phase, it was the early childhood centers (CPE) and daycares with at least two groups of children aged 3 to 5 years that were evaluated (from 2019 to 2022). In the second phase of the project, which is getting underway this year, it is the CPEs and daycare centres that will be targeted by the evaluation which will be done this time for all age groups (0-5 years).

This evaluation is carried out using scientifically recognized measurement instruments, such as CLASS, and from observations of groups of children, interviews with educational staff and management staff as well as a questionnaire (not mandatory) intended for parents. An evaluation report is given to the SGEE and the Ministère ensures its follow-up.

Two distinct service offers

The team assigned to the mandate of evaluating educational quality is distinct from the team composed of psychoeducators who have been working for several years already within CPEs and daycare centres by offering support and training. Indeed, a new team has been specially created to take care exclusively of the evaluation of educational quality. This distinction between the two teams ensures objectivity and neutrality in evaluations.

A specialized professional team

Evaluations are entrusted to a team of professionals with the necessary expertise in early childhood, evaluation and observation and expressly trained by a team of UQAM researchers for this project.

For more information, refer to the following website: ministère de la Famille.

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