Day care and school services

Customized programs and services

Careplus offers a wide range of programs and services intended to help educators and teachers successfully carry out their delicate task of working with special needs children.

  • Early stimulation services, intervention plans and back up so as to foster and facilitate the integration of a special needs child or one who requires back up assistance within a group.
  • Screening, observation and support services to respond to the needs of a child experiencing a well-circumscribed difficulty (in a facility and in the family setting).
  • Customized consulting services to respond to various ad hoc needs.


Careplus professionals and practitioners:

  • Pedagogical consultants
  • Special needs teachers
  • Psychosocial practitioners
  • Resource teachers
  • Speech therapists
  • Psychoeducators
  • Psychologists


Seasoned practitioners, time-tested tools

For many years now, our practitioners have helped hundreds of children every week in day care centres and elsewhere. These tried and tested programs have proven their value. They focus upon the overall development of the child, help educators in their tasks and provide the child with tools to help them improve the more problematic dimensions of their development.


Programs used:

  • Language stimulation programs: Loulou and Panpan and Pom Pom
  • Self-esteem development and emotion management programs: Voltige and Brindami

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