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Following the announcement of universal access to vaccines in vaccination centers, Careplus launched a major interest survey among its clients.

Clients said “YES” at 67% for the maintenance of the paid service at the workplace.

It is for its practical side that our organization is always interested in offering the flu vaccination to our employees in 2023, on-site in the company according to the billing model per dose.

We would like to be able to open the registration tool several weeks in advance to inform interested people!

Social Benefits Specialist Customers have spoken. Despite the costs for a nurse to come directly to the workplace, the majority believe that the service is worth it.

It is for the work-life balance, and the convenience of a visit to work that customers choose the service. Especially since the Careplus team does everything possible to minimize the administrative effort of its clientele. Until the implementation of a website for managing appointments for each client company that wishes to use it. Each employee can make his appointment directly on his phone! “It’s magic,” said a longtime customer.

For 2023, companies can choose to direct their employees to government vaccination centers to take advantage of the free service. In parallel, organizations that wish to oversee the flu vaccination directly in their establishment and offer a time-saving benefit to their employees can do so for a fee payable according to a price per dose model. To know the rates and reserve your doses and plan the visit of a nurse in your company, contact us.


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