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Expertise with individuals

Only social workers can be called upon to complete a psychosocial assessment in Quebec. This detailed assessment allows for an estimation of the impact of incapacity in all areas of the client's life. It is the assessment of social workers that recommend to the courts to approve homologation of protection mandates or the implementation of another alternative measure.

Expertise in social work
The Homologation

The protection mandat is a legal document with conditions provided by law. It is therefore advisable to use the services of a notary to draft it in a valid manner.

  • In anticipation of incapacity, a person has their mandate prepared by their notary.

  • When this person becomes incapable, the mandatary notifies the notary who will request a psychosocial evaluation.

  • The mandatary has the medical evaluation filled out by the doctor and then submits it to the notary.

  • A social worker completes a psychosocial evaluation.

  • With the evaluations in hand, the Court approves the mandate.

The Careplus social workers travel to meet with the client in order to conduct their assessment. These mobile individuals are all members of their professional order (OTSTCFQ) and possess the necessary training to carry out the required psychosocial evaluation.

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