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Expertise in childcare and school environments

For the past twenty years, the professionals at Servirplus have been accompanying you by offering tools to better understand and intervene with children who have a particular need.

 Child support and assistance services

Customized Programs and Services

The multiprofessional team at Servirplus is at the heart of childhood and offers each child, in an individualized approach, the services that allow them to realize their full potential.


We accompany children throughout their life journey, as long as the needs are present. Our team of childhood interveners, educators, speech therapists, psychoeducators, and coaches collaborate daily, in a comprehensive and preventive approach.


Every child has strengths and dreams, we are here to help you support them on their life path. We travel to the daycare, to the school, and to our clinic in Rosemère.

Various Services Offered

  • Psychoeducational Screening and Evaluation for children presenting one or more difficulties in their development. A report by the professional is provided for obtaining the subsidy if needed.

  • Language and Motor Stimulation to promote communication and integration in their daycare group

  • Daily Support for a Child with Challenges to support the educator in their tasks. Helps the child follow routines and activities within their group.

  • Offering Replacement Resources in your environment in the short or medium term. Vacation and leave replacements are sometimes difficult to fill, our educators, pedagogical advisors, directors, and specialized educators will be available for you.

  • Individualized Coaching for educators and management. Learn more

  • Range of Recognized Training of three hours on the four components.

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